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About Balaji Systems

BALAJI SYSTEMS wind mills are completely designed, developed and manufactured in the factory, hence it is a total indigenous technology.

BALAJI SYSTEMS dealing of high efficient and superior quality small wind turbines confirming to IEC-61400-2-SWT from the range of 0.1kw to 100kw.The main features of windmills are easy installation, starts at very low wind speeds (2.5m/s ), operates at optimum efficiency even at low wind velocity, reliable and dependable power, noiseless, vibration free, no maintenance. Our wind turbines are designed specifically for the given site conditions for optimum generation of power throughout the year.

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Our Windmills area ideally suited for the following power requirements

  •  Off Grid Village, Resorts, Hotels & Schools Electrification.
  •  Island Electrification, Mobile Phones & Communication Towers
  •  Domestic Lightning, Fans & TV
  •  Rural Electrification & Drinking Water Pump System.
  •  Submersible pumpset for irrigation/Agriculture.
  •  Grid-tieup for the sale of power to state Electricity Board.
  •  Un-electrified / Remote hamlets.
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Features are:-

  •  Simple, Rugged & Reliable Energy System.
  •  Eco Friendly, No noise & No Pollution.
  •  State of Art Technology.
  •  Aerodynamic horizontal Axis Design, Epoxy.
  •  Moulded FRP Blades.
  •  PV Hybrid Solar system for backup power.
  •  Wind Direction Orientation by tail vane.
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Protective Features

Protective Features are:-

  •  Under Voltage & High Voltage Cut Off.
  •  Overload Tripping.
  •  Electromagnetic Brake / dumpload / regenerative braking by increasing battery bank load against over speed.
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Salient Features

Salient Features of Wind Solar Hybrid System

  •  Well balanced for smooth running
  •  Economical Power Supply
  •  Continuous Power Under all Seasons
  •  Continuous Power Under all Seasons
  •  No-Maintenance
  •  No Running Cost

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5KW & 10KW

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